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Do you hear it. Do you hear the silence? That deafening sound throbbing within you. A longing un-described and unfulfilled. Like the need for a fix that leaves you empty and broken.

We have the cure. It is the drumming of a million wildebeest hooves, African dust in your nostrils, billowing clouds of waterfall mist, bedazzled starry nights , rainbow colored flocks of avian majesty, raging adrenalin in the presence of majestic beasts, bushman dancing around a fire, vistas of sand and forests and color and mountains and sea and , and now you feel it. The silence has no place in Africa.

We at Safari Knights are simply here to make your dreams of Arica possible.

“The only man I envy is the man who has not
yet been to Africa, for he has so much to look forward to” – Richard Mullin

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