Namibia is a wild and spectacular country of desert landscapes, deep blue skies and a most inhospitable coastline. A land of contrast with much to be seen. 

Comprising of brick red sand dunes - the tallest in the world, deep canyons, vast plains, mountains and wetlands.

Places like the Kalahari Desert, skeleton coast and Kaokoveld are prime examples how harsh this untouched wonder can be.

With desert dunes and mountain ranges covering a large portion of the country it’s hard to imagine a place like the Caprivi Strip.

Sunset cruises and river safaris as well as a whole host of animals like hippo and crocodile, unseen in the rest of the country make this their home

Uniquely adapted animals like the famous Desert Elephant, Mountain Zebras and the highly endangered Black Rhino are among some of the exotic wildlife, while the water holes of Etosha National Park are home to a multitude of other wildlife.