Uganda is an impressive country of misty mountains, lush forests and expansive lakes. Boasting over 1000 species of bird and some 340 mammal species.

Once described by Sir Winston Churchill as “The pearl of Africa” this country is host to half the world’s Mountain gorillas and a dozen other primates.

The Shoebill, Great Blue Turaco’s, Black Bee-eater and many more make this a birders paradise

Walking with Gorillas, seeing Chimpanzees in their natural habitat and penetrating the impenetrable forest of Bwindi are only some of the treasures Uganda has to share.

With safety and budget in mind, this incredible country offers a unique contrast to the harsh dry Savannah safari, housing some of the most biologically diverse forests on the planet.

The Murchison Falls National Park and the Queen Elizabeth National Park are gems of the country giving a fantastic settings to an already fantastic safari.

River Cruises, chimp trekking and classic big game safaris isn't all Uganda has to offer, their famous tree climbing Lions and legendary Waterfalls are other unique attractions to the respective parks.