Need an expert?


Need an expert?

Do you hear it. Do you hear the silence? That deafening sound throbbing within you. A longing un-described and unfulfilled. Like the need for a fix that leaves you empty and broken.

I have the cure. It is the drumming of a million wildebeest hooves, African dust in your nostrils, billowing clouds of waterfall mist, bedazzled starry nights , rainbow colored flocks of avian majesty, raging adrenalin in the presence of majestic beasts, bushman dancing around a fire, vistas of sand and forests and color and mountains and sea and , and now you feel it. The silence has no place in Africa.

We at Safari Knights are simply here to make your dreams of Africa possible.

Gavin Sims

Born and raised in South Africa. I have a passion for Africa second to none. I have been in the safari industry for over 20 years with interests in nature, adventure, Africa and culture.